What is comfort? A pair of gloves. A scarf. Fuzziness. Being wrapped around. A Corner. Golden thread. Layering up on a snowy day.

What is vulnerability? Longing for a touch. Showing off needs. Hiding. Leaning. Feeling cold.

Sometimes, seeking comfort reveals vulnerability. Then, the pocket becomes a scar. The stitches seems medical. The person in the hood looks sad to outsiders. The felt becomes feminine. Are my objects helping? Probably not. They only react to the way our bodies accommodate to the feelings, in a confined way.

These objects are in the middle of an evolution from a piece of garment to a furniture, and got stuck in this process. They could become products or “essentials” of a certain lifestyle. They could also become jewelries, props that stays in image or video format. They could be harmless, or controversial.

“Every inch of secluded space in which we like to hide or withdraw into ourselves, is a symbol of solitude for the imagination”


wool felt, recycled felt, golden thread

18''× 18''× 3.5'' (cushion)/ 11''× 16''× 22'' (hood)